10 December, 2016

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Roland vs Yamaha
Max Maxwell

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I'm returning to drumming after a ten-year sabbatical. My desire to pick up the sticks again has been the result of my teaching my 12 year old niece to play. I now find myself wandering into drum stores again, where I'm like a kid in a sweet shop, taking in all the colours and new fandangled gear and having no idea about any of it anymore.  A lot can change in ten years.

My old Slinger's way too big and noisy to set up in my house and I reckon a digital kit would be the ideal solution. But which is best - Roland or Yamaha? I'm sure it's not that straightforward but here's the deal. I've tried out the TD6KV, which is as much as I can afford, twice and absolutely love it, and nearly bought one yesterday. However, I held off as I thought I ought to check out the competition first. Both stores told me that Roland lead the field in digital drums. And I must admit that I could never quite grasp how a company that makes motorbikes could also turn it's hand to drums and organs, but I digress...

So what's the verdict drum chums?

Thanks in advance.


PS, OK, I'm sure this has come up before but I'm new here. I apologise if this is a boring, already-flogged-to-death topic, but I need some help all the same.



Gold Star Horns

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The Roland V-drums are likely the best from a playing aspect due to there "real" head-like surfaces. But they are the most expensive.

But as with anything, you should also play a while on a Yamaha before you buy. I played one once and thought it was great! You won't go wrong either way in my opinion. play 'em both and pick what's the most "user friendly" to you.

Ebay is always an option for you to get top-of-the-line used gear at a reasonable price



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I own one of the Roland V-Kits, its awesome!! I think Roland by far is a better product, but it is pricey. In my opinion, I think you have to consider cost and what your  future plans would be. If your going to maybe take the kit out and gig again, I would say Roland, but if its a home kit then, I would take the less expensive route. I dont know about anybody else but the Roland TD series modules have soooooooo many bells, whistles and goodies that I never get a chance to use them all, and I gig regularly with it. I dont use more than a few patches.... Its a great product, but for practicing only Yamaha my be the route to go, especially if funds are low.
Tripple Gold Star Horns

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why not try out the roland td3, its alot cheaper than the 6
Hello :-)
Large Bronze Star

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roland =awesome
Gold Stars of Glory

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I think when you deal with the rubber pads that you have to find the set that feels best to your playing style.  The mesh V-Drums feel the best buy far but at that price they may not be what you want to buy just getting back into it for the first time...  I do agree with Jeff that the Roland has always seemd to have better sounds in it's modules.....  And as Lee says check Ebay...


Studio Technologies

Large Silver Star

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This is a really good topic to bring up, cos im looking at buying either a roland or yamaha electric kit.

If you want something cheap, yamaha have just released their DXplorer. I think its better than the TD3 and a bit cheaper. But i played the TD6 as well and its really good! I think thats the one you should go for if you can afford it. IMO the best in the price range.

<-- Thats my drums!
Max Maxwell

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Thanks for all your feedback. Sorry, I haven't been back on sooner.

I have looked at the TD3 but would miss the second tom and all the funky features of the TD6 module. As I am going to be practising and having fun initially, I would get bored very quickly with the TD3 without any backing tracks to play along with. The mesh snare of the TD6 is a worthwhile extra too, the response is so much better.

The word on the street has been 'go for Roland if you can afford it'. Yes, it is expensive but I think I'd regret going for anything less in the long term.

Snoopy, have you made your mind up?



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ahhhhhhhhh Max is gonna break himself LOL !!!!!  Its going to be like a disease... youll want the TD-6, and then all of a sudden youll be taking the kit home with the TD-20.........   Its a horrible thing....but hey if your gonna do it, do it big and do it right the first time..


Tripple Gold Star Horns

18,582 posts (4 today)
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upgradeitus is a killer
Hello :-)
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